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Casually capturing life.

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Available for booking individual outdoor portraits sessions.  Travel and other unique portrait-specific inclusions are welcome.  All sessions must be booked through consults, which are free.

Custom sessions also available.  Pricing varies greatly with event, content, location, date selection, and risk involved - all of which are welcome!  From sports to mountains to firefighting to birthdays, I can bring a unique observational and artistic point of view to your images.

Studio sessions are all custom and priced on a per-session basis.

Commercial applications also available.  I am happy to provide you more information regarding your specific company's imaging needs.

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About the artist

I started out a photography hobbyist learning how to operate a film SLR. Admiring the work of those photographers who showcased people so expressively has always snapped at my attention and is what kept me plowing through, what I felt, was a lot of wasted film. Expressionistic imagery has always been my inspiration. Put simply – images of people being people. I feel as though it's a common admiration. I mean, think about this – we go all our lives experiencing the richness of our interactions, no matter the quality or satisfaction, and all along we are submersed in the body language, dialogue, touch, smell and feelings of others, all of which we embed into memory.  It is those things in particular that we hang on to. I just want to capture that in an image. My passion is in candid, observational portraits of people and their surroundings.

I have lived in the Columbia Basin now for over 20 years and have a deep appreciation for the true beauty of the Pacific Northwest. It truly does have everything! The mountains have a special place in my mind and heart and I take every chance I get to be in them, photograph within them, or at the very least, put myself in a physical position to see them. The wind, the trees, the mountains - these elements are so important to me and photographing any part of these qualities is an honor. 

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All of my sessions are driven to capture life. I specialize in low and naturally lit candid portraits, landscape and environmental portraits. If the booking request is unique, abstract, sensitive, or otherwise un-attempted I am already interested. If what you are looking for is already traditionally offered then I'm probably not the photographer to best suit your needs. But that doesn't mean that at some point I might not be. Some of my best sessions have been in the pouring rain, unrelenting wind, and bitter cold with a soaked subject and soaked equipment. If I can include the elements, subject willing, I will.

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Commerical applications of this type of imagery do exist and have been employed with a number of local organizations.  From buildings to doctors to cupcakes to microbrews fresh off the tap, I can work with you to help provide the imagery your business or organization needs.

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In my spare time and away from photography (which is rare) you'd find me working as a registered nurse, and exploring with my family. I've two boys and an amazing wife who I cannot seem to think that I could possibly love any more, but always do. We absolutely love to hike and spend much of the warmer months in the Cascades. I'm an endurance runner at heart and love to suffer the heat. A proud audiophile, vinyl collecter, nostalgia professional (is that even a thing?) and somehow always manage to be up before the sun rises. I'm quiet and calm by nature, enjoy meeting new people, contemplative and always thinking of some unrealistic goal. My hands are always cold. I eat a lot of peanut butter and jelly and feel that coffee is a food group.

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