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Hold up!!

2018 season print packages are being prepared.  While this is happening the season's images will not be visible:(  Package details will be announced and distributed at the end of the year banquet Monday, April 30th.  These details will only be given to family, which includes password credentials. Those families who cannot or do not plan on attending the banquet who wish to still purchase images need to contact me directly which can be done by clicking the "contact" link above.  Purchase options will open April 30th and close June 11th, allowing six weeks for purchase after which the galleries will again become public and sales options will no longer be offered.  Ever.

I would like to personally thank the coaching staff, parents, and team members for including me in this very special season.  Thank you for getting be back stage, for giving me access to practice, for the arm bands, the access passes, the sweets and treats, the incredible food, and for giving me a unique opportunity to capture my beautiful and talented niece.  I also thank each and every team member who went out of their way to always welcome me.

I've always said that the best photos out there cannot be replicated.  I hope that you find these images to be one of a kind and representative of your dancer, family member, friend and teammate.


- Justin

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