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From a young age I learned to cope with life and its complexities by connecting with the emotional response I encountered listening to music.  I didn't realize at the time, but I was learning how to find comfort in the expression by others willing enough to make themselves vulnerable to the art they made.  This exchange of feelings and ultimate vulnerability is the premise of all art.  I went on to play music most of the rest of my life, more seriously at times than others but always, always kept music close to each and every moment of my day, as I still do to this day.

By the late 90's I had my first SLR camera, a film Rebel, and had found a particular fascination with the black and white street photography that was so prevalent at the time, images that were so candidly expressive and undeniably engaging.  How I could connect with a still image much like I did with music was something that simultaneously confused me but also drove my interest to discover by learning to run my own camera.  Capturing human expression was always part of the plan, even if at the time I didn't know I had a plan, and a pure interest in the thoughts and feelings of others was a quality that too, was just barely being realized.

Fast forwarding through decades, I now see patients in their homes as an RN, helping people through their final days of life.  I run a camera in my downtime in constant search of life and those trying to live it and even now, when I connect with an image so pure in human character and expression, I remember that simple fascination and awe I would experience from candid street portraiture.  It is much the same as that one song that seemed to have been made to speak directly to you.  It's something you cannot turn away from, a company that you find comfort in, even if the feelings you base this comfort on cannot be explained in words.

That is what I love about art.  You don't have to find the words.  Someone else gets to do that for you.  And by what measure do we realize this success in art and its connection within us?  Emotions - the constant work of the tortured artist, and I am continually laboring to give you mine.

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