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I started out a photography hobbyist humbly learning on a Canon film Rebel in the late 1990's.  Countless pocket spirals were spent writing all my settings down and studying my many failed images, all the while admiring the work of photographers who showcased people so expressively, and so honestly.  Their inspiration is what kept me plowing through, what I felt was a lot of wasted film.

Now, decades from my first film SLR I am in many ways altered, yet the same.  My passion for the reality and expression of life has only grown after having identified my heart in the company of the mountains, the wind, the skies and dance.  Finding ways to portray beauty whether exclusively or collectively is what keeps me picking up my camera.  It's also what keeps me up at night and developing way too early in the morning.

I double my daytime life as a traveling hospice RN.  Neither one day is easier - be it with a camera or a stethoscope.  Each brings with it an outcome that is often different than the original plan while always able to remind me that despite every honest attempt is the subtle truth that I was never in control in the first place - such is the true beauty of not just artistry, but life, which is artistry.  It's the experiences, our willingness to allow them to change us, and in the case of an artist, one's ability and willingness and to share that vulnerability with others that feeds the artistry.  It is that raw beauty in life that keeps me wondrous and with a camera close at hand.

I am a dance and landscape artist, often combining the two with an emphasis on candid portrayal.  If you're interested in learning more please use the contact button below and let me know what keeps you up at night.

- Justin

"if you do what you've always done you'll be who you've always been"

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