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"Intro To DSLR"

This course covers all of the core exposure components in plain speak.  We will explore the many functions of aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focal length, and sensors in ways that show and explain the direct effects each one has to your images's exposure and composition.

I often joke during this course that the most of what we discuss can be found in the manual or through various online resources.  So why take this course?  Because of the presentation, interaction, and experience!  I am not a DSLR manual, but I can communicate its contents in a fun, clear and understandable way that is rooted in my own experience as a local commercial and private custom-portrait photographer.

This course is best suited to those who are ready to take creative control of their camera and elevate their understanding of the photographic tools a DSLR affords in preparation for the ultimate goal - exposure control.

Are you interested in this course?  Email me using the button below with questions or to schedule.  I would be happy to better acquaint you with your camera!  Photography is an art, and art is a life long road of learning and growth.

Class length: 1.5-2hrs
Class cost:  $50


Have you ever wondered why an image appears the way it does, or how a photographer managed to give an image such a unique look?  Or maybe you're looking to purchase a new lens and are not sure which one to get.  Lenses, or more specifically, focal lengths, dictate the how and why every image appears the way it does.  This class explains that.

In detail we will break down focal lengths and discuss both camera and viewer based image components to help you understand not only what is needed to create a certain look or perspective, but what that means for your current setup.  Consider this course the "theory" behind imagery presentation and what that means to the photographer looking to take control of their own imagery perspective and artistic signature.

To finish the class we will put our newfound knowledge to use with practical application.  Be prepared to learn something that you've never known that can never be unlearned and leave with documented understanding of what you are using and how it translates to perspective.

Class length: 2.5 -3hrs
Class cost: $50

Class Schedule

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