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Hello all,

I guess that I would say this little "post" is a test.  Much has changed in the last couple years and I find myself submersed beyond understanding in the chaos, uncertainty and artistic challenge that life continually provides.  If you follow my work closely, which is a little more difficult now as I am no longer on any social media outlet, you would notice that I have added little to my body of work in 2021.  There are many reasons for this, which is not the point of this note.  I realize not everyone visits websites outside of phone apps.  But some do, and this post is direct at exactly those individuals or, more specifically, you.

I wonder who it it is that is checking this page, and the pages of my work.  But most of all, I wonder who out there is really driven to work for the camera.  As fall emerges and the weather continues to break, the opportunities for compelling work increases.  This means cooler, wetter, and earlier/later shoots.  Who out there is interested in being absolutely vulnerable for the camera, for the art, and willing to suffer the elements?

I am not looking for parents who volunteer their daughters.  I am looking for women who are unafraid to be themselves and like me, want to create.  Is that you?  If so, then comment and let me know.  Let's connect and create.


    on September 28, 2021

    Hi Justin, how is the latest project (Columbia Basin C Foundation) coming? Ellie Bodah

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