The Faces of Strangers project began years earlier with my admiration of stranger portraits by select photographers I closely followed.  The idea of capturing a compelling image of someone I didn't know, on the spot, and in a manner which removed imagery context was something that I quickly knew I needed to do but didn't initially know how.  I wanted to create a gallery full of eyes of people I did not know that others were free to browse, consider and wonder through a composition that disallowed any judgement of character apart from the absolutes of our core identity - our eyes, cheeks and mouth.

Deep down I believe that we are innately curious and interested in one another but do not all have it within us to explore the true depths of that curiosity.  This project attempted to fulfill those curiosities, removed from context and judgement, while forcing me to explore my own unknowns in order to bring you a gallery of people, most of whom I had never met that approached me and my "free photo - a project about strangers" sign I posted on the side of the busiest street in Moses Lake, WA.

Nearly all of the photos were taken in the same location and through many seasons.  Most of my time was spent on the small stool I brought for my subjects waving hello to people who passed, read the sign, and wondered just what it was that I was doing.  Once a willing participant was seated, I spent about 30 seconds (usually about half that) capturing a handful of images - my favorite of which has been placed in this gallery.

We are beings who thrive on interaction, meant to learn from each other.  We are here because of each other, for each other.  We are not meant to be alone.  This gallery is your chance to refresh your optimism, curiosity and wonder.  Go ahead - look right into someone's eyes.

I had each stranger look into mine so that you can look into theirs.          

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