The music in these videos are the respective property of the original artists and full rights to those songs remain with them.

The Improv Project is about stepping outside our comforts and norms, pushing boundaries and learning about ourselves.  So often we settle in as artist to what we know best but for some of us, that same act of settling threatens the fulfillment - the very outcome that drives us all.  Unwilling to sit still, The Improv Project is meant to protect artists  by making them moving targets to those things that challenge our growth, motivation and desire to create.

These videos were created with minimal foresight.  Sometimes we knew the music going into the shoot, sometimes not.  Choreography is forbidden - all body movement is left to emotion at the time of experience.  The only real variables are the very ones we experience every day - emotion and feeling, experience and response, music and connection, weather and light and the simple act of creation.

That is artistry.         

about the project

"to give less than 100% is to waste the gift"

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